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Professional COVID-19 cleaning services! We use an ESS Electrostatic mister to kill the virus!

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Call to discuss the scope of work for your project. We get the job done well and on time! Our team handles all types of projects in the KC Area!

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We take pride in handling our business and clientele with respect and dignity. We work within your timeline to keep you on schedule!


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Our team has many years of experience and will prove to be worth your hard earned money. We offer a customized multi-step cleaning process!

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New Construction Cleanup In Kansas City

Taking new residential and commercial properties in KC from the paint-stage, to turn-key ready! 


Classic Cleaning is the #1 choice for new construction cleanup in the greater Kansas City area. 


We specialize in in-depth, detailed, new-construction cleaning that will take your house from paint, to turn-key ready, meaning that once we get done with it, it will be cleaned and sanitized - completely ready to be turned over to the new owner. 


In the aftermath of a new construction or renovation project, you’re going to be left with a mess. 


There will be dust, debris, splotches and stains on the windows and floors, dirt on the walls, residue on the kitchen and bathroom hardware… etc. 


Not to mention the footprints and leftover trash from the other contractors! 


We are totally committed to excellence, and bring a true spirit of professionalism to every project. 


We’ve been doing this for 26 years. We clean high-end, high-scale residential and commercial properties in three simple steps.


Step 1 - Rough Cleaning

This is the first step. We come in right after the painters get done. We thoroughly clean everything. 


Step 2 - Second Phase

After the trim and flooring have been installed, we go through again and do a serious deep-clean. We wash the windows, we pick up the trash, we scrub the surfaces, and we sanitize. 


We do whatever it takes to get your new construction property clean and ready to hand over!

Step 3 - Touch Up

The third and final stage of cleaning happens after the flooring is totally complete, after all the painting is done… right before the property is handed over to the owner. 


We go through and do a complete touch-up. We sweep, we clean the floors, we wash the windows, we polish surfaces… we do everything necessary to make sure that the property is 110% ready to be handed over. 


We make it pristine, clean, and professional!

Covid Cleaning Kansas City - Keeping New And Existing Properties Safe And Sanitized


Covid-19 is here to stay. With the events of the pandemic in recent memory, and the new realization that we will now be living with Covid-19 as a regular part of everyday life, Classic Cleaning has made it a goal to incorporate professional-level Covid Cleaning into all of our Kansas City new construction cleanup. 


This isn’t something that many new construction cleanup companies are doing right now, because it costs them more in materials and takes more time. But we believe this to be such an important step, that we now include it along with every new construction cleanup job we do in Kansas City. 


We all need to do our part to stay safe amidst this crisis. And including Covid Cleaning services in Kansas City is our way of contributing. 


How Our Advanced Covid Cleaning Methods Are Helping To Keep Kansas City Safe


Covid cleaning has become a standard procedure in all of our new construction cleanup projects. But we also offer Covid Cleaning for existing commercial and residential properties. 


We sanitize for Covid-19 by using an electrostatic misting system. This system takes the sterilizing agent and electrostatically charges it. 


This means that the mist literally wraps around physical objects and clings to their entire surface area… not just the front-facing surface. 


This allows us to cover the entire surface area in a space. 


This is one of the most advanced Covid Cleaning methods being employed right now. And we consider it an honor to be able to offer this service amidst the pandemic. 


Our Commitment To Excellence - Offering New Construction Cleanup That Kansas City Can Take Pride In


As a new construction cleanup company who takes tremendous pride in what we do, Classic Cleaning has 26 years of professional experience - and it definitely shows!

Avid Attention To Detail

One thing that differentiates us from construction haul-off crews is that we don’t just pick up the trash. 


We actually deep-clean, paying close attention to even the smallest details. 


We wash the windows, we clean the floors, we make sure the walls are spotless… and also cover everything in-between. 


This isn’t a ‘half-way construction cleaning’ operation. We are professionals at what we do! 


Owner Oversight And Quality Control


One thing that you’ll see with a lot of new construction cleanup crews, in Kansas City or anywhere else, is a general lack of oversight. 


They’ll show up, they’ll clean, and they’ll leave - often leaving you with their own mess to deal with after they’re done! 


As the owner, I make it a point to visit as many job sites personally as is physically possible!


Often, this means that I’m on-site on 100% of our current projects.


Alongside our crew leaders, I bring an added quality control element to the service... backed up by my 26 years of industry experience.   


In other words, I’m making personally sure that our projects reach completion successfully. 


This means no messes left behind. This means that every surface gets cleaned and thoroughly sanitized. 


We Are Not A Construction Haul-Off Service


One thing that I make sure to tell our clients is that Classic Cleaning is not a construction haul-off business! 


We are a new construction cleanup business operating in the greater Kansas City area. 


Construction haul-off services mostly just pick up the trash and haul it away. 


What we do is much more detailed than that. 


You can think of us as an industrial-level new construction janitorial service. 


We aren’t here to just pick up the trash. We are actually here to do a thorough deep-clean on your new construction project. 


And our portfolio speaks for itself! We’ve been cleaning world-class new construction properties for over two decades now. We know this industry, and take it very, very seriously. 


We Go Above And Beyond To Get The Job Done


There was one occasion where we arrived on a job site, to find that the old, removed tiled had been piled right in the way. 


It wasn’t technically our job to move the old tile… but it was an obstacle that needed to be removed before we could get started. 


Instead of making it a problem or waiting around for it to get done, we adapted to the situation, cleaned up the tile, and continued to thoroughly clean and sanitize the property anyway!


This is exactly the type of situation where we would much rather go above and beyond to get the job done, rather than to wait around and not meet our timeline. 


The takeaway here is that we believe in getting the job done correctly and on-schedule, even if that means going above and beyond or adapting to the situation. 


In other words - when a company hires us for a new construction cleanup job in Kansas City, you can be sure that the job will get done! Even if things don’t go exactly as planned. 


Our Three Commitments


We have three goals whenever we start a new construction cleanup. And if you choose Classic Cleaning for your Kansas City project, you can be assured that your job will be completed in-line with all three of them. 


Commitment To Quality And Excellence


It is our number-one priority to bring the highest quality, attention to detail, and excellence to every project. 


We are attentive, detail-oriented, skilled in our craft, and understand what the property needs in order to be properly, professionally handed-over. And it is our utmost priority to make sure that it is turn-key ready by the time we leave!


Commitment To Your Deadline


When we set a deadline for a project, we are 110% committed to meeting that deadline. 


As a contractor who is tasked with seeing the project through from beginning to end, we understand that you need to be able to count on your contractors to stick to the planned timeline. 


In 26 years on the job, deadlines have always been a major priority for Classic Cleaning. 

Commitment To Fair And Accurate Pricing


As a company who is deeply entrenched in the new construction industry in Kansas City, Classic Cleaning does business openly and with an up-front attitude toward pricing. 


No hidden fees. No wild surcharges. No unexpected ‘extra add-ons’ that you didn’t ask for. Our bids are solid, and you’ll find that you can trust us to get the job done correctly, while also sticking to the budget! 


Trust A Local Company Who Has Been Performing At The Top-Level Of The Industry For Decades


Classic Cleaning has been serving Kansas City for years - and we are proud and pleased to be continuing, even in these uncertain times. 


Contact us today for a full quote, and let us help you make your new construction cleanup a total success! 


Even if your cleanup project doesn’t fit into the normal ‘parameters,’ we would still love to give you a quote! We take on all kinds of projects, and are certainly not opposed to putting together specialized bids to suit your needs. 


Whether it’s windows, flooring, renovation, new construction in Kansas City, residential, commercial, etc. Classic Cleaning has you covered. 

Proud Sponsor of the KC Pet Project's

Petopia House!


Power and Light Apartments has been working with Classic Cleaning for nearly four years. During these four years we have been able to present our residents with the cleanest apartment community in Kansas City. We have over 275,000 square feet of space and Classic Cleaning treats each inch with care. Scott and his team are amazing at solving problems as they present themselves and doing so with a smile. Our residents are constantly complimenting the Classic Cleaning team for their cleaning abilities and their unmatched levels of care and kindness.  Our site would not be as successful as it is if it were not for Classic Cleaning.  We are so proud to have Classic Cleaning as a member of the Power and Light family!

Chris Woods, CAM I Community Manager 

Some More Happy Customers!

"Amazing job cleaning our home and getting it ready for all the holiday events we have coming up! We will definitely be using your company again and will be sure to refer you to friends and family!"

Holly F. (Kansas City, MO)

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